Astorflex Footwear: What you need to know is simple.
April 15, 2023

Astorflex Footwear: What you need to know is simple.

This article will explore Astorflex footwear and what you need to know. 

The Simple Man’s focus has always been to bring customers unique, yet classic clothing, goods and accessories. One of the best ways to stand out is through a gentleman’s footwear. Yet most men, want shoes that can last decades.

We are excited to introduce to you, Astorflex footwear. Your footwear for life.

The Simple Man is among only 14 Astorflex retailers in North America. This provides you, that shoe connoisseur, with many benefits.

First, the Astorflex collection at The Simple Man are the perfect styles and colors to coordinate perfectly with a large selection of our other clothing items. If you’re dapper gent, familiar with the looks we help you create, these shoes will pair seemlesly.

Next, no two US retailers have the same stock and thus, your selection from The Simple Man makes it almost a custom offering: unique in the Midwest and unique among your friends. Making you stand out.

Simple Men want durable, stylish, unique, yet classic shoes with rugged appeal.

Astorflex footwear is the brand that meets your needs.

 An Italian Brand founded in the 19th Century.

The Astorflex company was founded in the 19th century in Mantova, Italy by Ferdinando Travenzoli. A 6th generational family business, brothers Alfredo and Bettino took the brand to the 20st century.

At the onset, when Ferdinando began his craft, the Italian Comune Castel D’ario had a shoe factory and many small, family-run workshops produced handmade footwear. Originally, that footwear was made with leather uppers and wooden soles. After the First World War, at the onset of industrialization methods, the company started to produce more modern footwear namely, outer stitching along the edge of the sole.

Since 1984, Alfredo’s son, Fabio Travenzoli owns and runs Astorflex, and has continued that modern method of craftsmanship.

European styling and materials built for comfort.

Footwear made with European styling and materials built for comfort.

The minute one sees, feels or tries on an Astorflex shoe, the high-quality materials and that detailed craftsmanship is evident.

Astorflex describes the materials and process this way: the lining and insoles are in vegetable-tanned calf leather, obtained by soaking the leather in a mixture of water and powdered oak bark and mimosa, without using dies or color finishes. This process makes the leather healthier, hypoallergenic and guarantees greater sweat absorption for dry, odorless feet. Most of Astorflex soles are in natural rubber consisting in coagulated latex from the rubber tree. The various shoe parts are assembled using water-based adhesives.

All Astorflex shoes are designed and developed to a be comfortable. They are flexible, soft and quickly adapt to the user’s feet. The upper leather is truly Italian coming from master tanneries in Tuscany.

Comfortable and Stylish Men’s Shoes

Astorflex offers a wide variety of footwear options for any style, from classic to modern, so you can be sure that you'll always have the perfect pair of shoes to take you wherever you need to go. Whether it's for a job interview or a night out with friends, Astorflex has something that will match your style.

Not only are Astorflex shoes incredibly comfortable, but they also provide plenty of support and durability, so you can rest assured that your feet will be well-protected wherever you go. 

Winter-weight styles are fully lined and summer-weight shoes are unlined allowing you to match the need per seasons. The full-grain leather options are all-weather boots. 

Astorflex also offered many suede options. Some buyers may be afraid of suede as they believe that material is high-maintenance. In reality, if one does some general care and uses a shoe brush, suede boots are easy to care for and keep clean, and makes this a very feasible and nice option to your wardrobe.

The Sole is What Makes Astorflex Unique

Built with a crepe rubber, Astorflex natural sole is durable and lasts while brining great comfort. Crepe rubber has a crinkled look that is highly pliable and textured. Crepe sole softens with wear so they continually get more comfortable after each use. The sole is lightweight, have great traction, cushion and functionality.

Like most Italian shoemakers, Astorflex uses a weather-proof welting that allows the footwear to be re-soled in the future. Astorflex shoes are ones you can own for a lifetime. You can have multiple soles added to your favorite boot as needed throughout decades allowing you to own and wear them for a lifetime if that is of interest.

An Environmentally, Sustainable Approach to Producing Footwear

Produced entirely in Italy, Astorflex takes a responsible, sustainable approach to its high-quality footwear. The company’s production process that now also includes new manufacturing methods implemented with a responsible, transparent and, as far as possible, sustainable approach ongoing research into new materials and the study/design of ever-topical models now also involve the collaboration of famous designers.

The leather is aged naturally for 30 days in a combination of water, powdered oak bark and mimosa. This process makes the leather healthy, eco-friendly and ensures a sustainable use. Most of the Astorflex soles are made of organic rubber, obtained from the natural Latex of the rubber Tree.

Bringing well-made Italian footwear to the Midwest

The Simple Man customer tends to look for a shoe that has comfort over fashion, but at the same time, Astorflex shoes never go out of style so it is the perfect combination. Any and all Astorflex footwear is classic and that is proof in its history. The century-old brand is a leader in the world of high-quality shoes.

Most popular within The Simple Man collection is the Chukka boot style and the Chelsea boot.

The Chukka is a short boot, mid-ankle rise with two to three eyelets that allows one to lace them. Neither too lightweight nor too bulky, neither too flashy or too boring, the Chukka style can be worn all year.

The Chelsea, on the other foot, is a taller-rise boot, with no laces, allowing one to slip on easily and wear. This classic boot can be both casual and dressy and was among the epicenter of fashion and music during the 1960s. It has continued to be one of the most popular due to functionality and fashion.

The footwear has a slightly higher price point than other shoes in-store, but that is by design for the gentleman wanting high-quality, Italian shoes. Italy is known for its shoe manufacturing and The Simple Man chose to bring you Astorflex for the man looking for classic styled shoes, that are different than others and comfortable above all else. And they will last for decades making your investment a wise one.

Over the years we’ve added to the Astorflex collection and have nine styles to choose from. That makes The Simple Man one of the broadest collections available in the U.S.

Astorflex – footwear for someone who wants to stand out in his shoe game.

Shoes are one of the main ways a stylish man can step up his wardrobe and appearance - to be unique without dominating a room when you enter. Astorflex shoes allow you to style them with, say, your favorite summer suit or some of the best chinos, or jeans. You’ll have plenty of comfort through long fall days strolling through the park or visiting a favorite brewery. 

Versatile, stylish, classic and well-made. It is no wonder Astorflex , Italian-made footwear are regarded as some of the best shoes in the world.

It’s simple.