The Normal Brand: Simple men want normal clothes.
January 31, 2023

The Normal Brand: Simple men want normal clothes.

The founders of The Normal Brand had a goal to build a lifestyle brand for the typical, or normal man. Jimmy, Conrad and Lan Sansone, brothers in a family of 10 children lived the typical Midwestern lives.  Three city kids who loved to be outdoors, fishing, hiking, and time with friends. Finding the clothing that was rugged, and rustic, yet versatile, that which could hold up to their way of life was hard to find.

Simply put - they wanted to make normal clothes better.

A Drive that Became a Reality

Jimmy, the initial idea guy, worked in finance for years, but the internal drive to start his own business and his passion for creating a shirt that was both comfortable, durable, and versatile became overwhelming. At age 22, he took the leap, quit the corporate job, and pursued his passion. 

He moved into his parent's basement to work on it full-time and in 2015, the first The Normal Brand item, (a hat) was sold.  Soon after, brothers Lan joined the company the summer after he graduated from college, and Conrad joined full-time after law school. 

Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, The Normal Brand is known for its commitment to producing clothing that is both stylish and comfortable, versatile and high-quality. 

  • Stylish
  • Comfortable
  • Versatile
  • High-Quality 

In 2019, The Normal Brand opened its first physical storefront in St. Louis, Missouri, where the guy’s mother designed every inch of the space. The three had one small request – a bar – and, well, they got it.  Following the success of the St. Louis store, two more locations were started in Nashville, Tennessee, and Kansas City, Missouri. The company is dedicated to expanding and providing customers with a physical space to experience the brand, and enjoy a beverage while doing so. 

Dedicated to Making the Best Product Out There. 

As three typical Midwestern brothers from a large family, Jimmy, Lan and Conrad pride themselves at catering to their customers because they are like them. Regular guys, living a dream, wearing great-quality garments when doing it. 

They don’t come with a designer agenda. They simply want normal clothes to be better. And The Normal Brand is committed to making the best product out there, using sustainable materials and production processes, and they work hard to ensure that their clothing is made in an ethical and responsible way. 

Versatile Clothing - From Working to Relaxing. 

The Normal Brand is a lifestyle brand that is dedicated to creating high-quality, versatile garments.  From polos to hoodies, joggers to outerwear, shorts to denim, the collection is designed to be worn in a variety of settings, and for different activities. And comfort is a must. It has always been that focus. 

The brand’s trademark fabric, Puremeso, brings that comfort to each piece. 

Dedicated customer Matt described his Normal Brand collection this way, “It is good quality clothing and has a nice style that is not loud. It is great for professionals and those that like the outdoors. I can take the look to the office, date night, the lake or the gym. The colors are seasonal without being too crazy. And the wash and wear is essential for my lifestyle.”

 An Alternative to Designer Brands 

When it comes to buying clothes, men want to get the best value for their money without sacrificing quality. The Normal Brand knows this and creates every day, high-quality clothing at a reasonable price. 

Described as “The Middle”, The Normal Brand has set out to define a style that doesn’t have to be influenced by coastal trends. Combining the trends of an everyday guy with his lifestyle needs, shift from work to a night out defines The Normal Brand collection. 

The most popular items within The Normal Brand collection include Henleys, The Weekend Quarter Zip, the Jimmy Sweater Hoodie and fashionable, versatile Mountain Overshirt. These classic styles, paired with a variety of The Normal Brand bottoms allow you to meet your perfect style without designer prices. 

It is back-to-the basics, great fabrics and designs.

The Simple Man – A Similar Journey

As you know, here at The Simple Man our retail store is one that specializes in providing customers with simple, well-made, and durable goods for men. Carrying a wide range of products, we are committed to providing customers with only the highest quality goods. That is why The Normal Brand and The Simple Man are a perfect fit. 

a man wearing The Normal Brand clothing with his two children.

Beyond the similarities in concept (Normal and Simple) and mission (providing better products), there are a few other parallels I’ve found between our brands. 

Like Jimmy from The Normal Brand, I felt the same dissatisfaction in the corporate world. I would often describe my professional life as one where I was slowing dying, dreaming of something more exciting…different. 

In 2016 the days of dreaming came to be and the first store opened in this small area of Omaha, offering accessories, grooming products, leather goods and clothing. That next Spring, while at the clothing buying market show, I met two brothers representing a fairly new brand called The Normal Brand. Lan and Conrad were those two brothers and after talking, we quickly realized The Normal Brand may be a perfect addition for The Simple Man store. 

Fast forward to 2018, we expanded to a more prominent shopping location of Omaha, allowing more products in this larger store. This also allowed us to expand our The Normal Brand collection and showcase it to our newfound customers. 

The Perfect Brand for The Simple Man Customer

We are proud to sell The Normal Brand as it aligns well with the interests of our customers and the mission of product offerings to them. We carry classic, heritage brands that stand the test of time and know our customers want versatile, high-quality pieces that are timeless as many men seek simple, non-flashy, durable goods for years, and in many settings. The Normal Brand, although relatively new, has the quality and styling to become a well-known, classic, heritage brand of the future. 

The typical guy wants pieces from tops, to sweaters, to outerwear that fit many shapes, sizes and personalities. The Normal Brand meets this every time. Long-time customer Debbie stated “as a purchaser for my sons and partner, I like The Normal Brand as the fit is never big or boxy, but a comfortable fit for their body shapes. I like that the looks are casual, athletic and outdoorsy. And my son, really digs the bear icon.” 

In addition, The Normal Brand’s commitment to sustainability and quality aligns with our mission of providing customers with eco-friendly and socially responsible options. 

Clothing For Regular People 

Men want clothing that fits their lifestyle. Shirts, bottoms, outerwear and accessories that are versatile, durable and, most of all, comfortable. When one tries on a Normal Brand garment, you immediately know the quality and can imagine how often it will be part of your regular rotation. 

Normal doesn’t have to mean basic or uninspired. Similarly, Simple doesn’t always mean plain or uncomplicated. 

Lan, from The Normal Brand sees the alignment; “From the first time we chatted with Boyd, it seemed we were seeking the same things for our customers and had many things in common. Men want comfortable, normal clothing, that is versatile and at the right price. Our customers are similar too - Professionals, Outdoorsmen, Family-focused, Social guys who enjoy the simple things in life. I am excited we can provide Normal clothes for these Simple guys”. 

The mission of The Normal Brand is to make normal clothes much better. Regular people, doing normal things, wearing great garments to do it. 

We specialize in providing customers with simple, well-made, and durable goods for men. 

Then it becomes very clear - Simple men want Normal clothes. 

It’s simple. 

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