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Tan Leather and Concrete Valet Tray

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An essential part of an organized workspace is a place for your keys, wallet, sunglasses and smartphone. Accordingly, Owen & Fred designed an exceedingly elegant valet tray with Brown, waxy bridle leather from Wickett & Craig with a concrete base to accomplish that task. The soft leather interior safely protects your accessories from damage and alone took six weeks to tan and dye into a tan brown.

The Tan Leather and Concrete Valet Tray measures 9 1/2" long by 5 1/2 inches across, with interior dimensions of 8 15/16" by 4 15/16" inches. The walls are 1 1/8" inch high. This tray will easily hold multiple essentials in a sophisticated way while you while the hours away. Did we mention it looks fantastic? It is also indeed made of concrete. While it feels like ceramic, it features a proprietary blend that makes for a solid product that you'll enjoy for years to come.