Big Red Double Duece No. 22 Wide Tooth

As our beards grown and evolve so do the tools we use to keep them looking their best.  Here at Big Red Beard Combs we strive to grow and evolve not only our own Big Red beards but the products we design and sell to our bearded brethren .  The New Double Deuce No.22 has undergone a complete redesign starting with the most obvious difference, the size.  We have increased the case to accommodate a larger comb.  We’ve also increased the thickness of the comb to add additional strength and rigidity to tackle those larger, gnarly, or curly beards. We’ve also designed the No.22 to be adaptable.  By easily removing the brass rivet the user can swap one comb for the other in a matter of minutes. If your Beard is short, start with the Fine Tooth & then swap for the wide tooth Comb insert once it gets longer.  The No.22 becomes  a comb that grows as your beard does.

  • Wide Tooth Comb for Medium-Long Beards
  • Solid wood case in Sapele
  • Comb is constructed with a 5 ply laminated material. Walnut outer with a Maple core -creating a Maple ‘pinstripe’
  • Solid brass rivet
  • Closed Dimensions: 4-7/8″(12.5cm) long   x   1-1/2″(3.8cm) wide   x  3/8″(0.9cm) thick
  • Open Dimensions: 8-7/8″(22.5cm) long   x   1-1/2″(3.8cm) wide x 3/8″(0.9cm) thick
  • Static Resistant

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