Williamsburg Garment Co. - Grand St. Denim Jeans

Williamsburg Garment Co. has a mission to make the best American made jeans in the denim industry, while still keeping a reasonable price. Their core basic, Grand Street American Standard raw denim jeans are the culmination of that effort and the brands best-selling slim fit jeans.

Men’s jeans made in USA with slightly crisp 11.5 ounce unwashed American made denim from Cone Mills of North Carolina. The printed pocket bags inspired by the American Flag are a hallmark of our brand. Unique style elements include 2-tone thread color and orange contrasting overlock stitching on the non-selvage out-seams.

If you are a beginner to raw denim, this type of jean is best when worn for a long period before washing. Most fans of raw jeans prefer to naturally form stretch marks, unique worn areas and aging. However, unwashed denim shrinks once touched by water. If you choose to wash the jeans, expect them to shrink about 1 size, to be on the safe side. The tested shrinkage rate for this style is 3.5% in width and 2.5% in length.

  • 11.5 oz Raw Denim
  • 2-tone stitching
  • 100% Cotton 3x1 Right Hand Twill (RHT)
  • American Made Denim Fabric by Cone Mills
  • Zipper Fly
  • Made in USA Jeans

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