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Johnny Porter Candle - Satsuma & Saffron Scent

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Johnny Porter's Satsuma & Saffron candle was inspired by the Satsuma Mandarin. One of the sweetest varieties of citrus fruit, the Satsuma Mandarin hails from Asia but is grown in some of the southern-most parishes of Louisiana. Our Satsuma & Saffron candle welcomes in spring with sweet citrus, jasmine, orange flower, and of course red ginger. Middle and bottom notes of cardamon, musk and sandalwood temper the sweet. Satsuma & Saffron makes a great "reading-on-the-porch" candle or anywhere you want some Spring!

- 10oz. Candle
- 100% US sourced and made soy wax
- Hand poured in reusable amber-colored low ball glass w/screened on hand-lettered logo
- Natural Cotton Wick
- 50 Hour Approximate Burn Time
- Crafted by hand in small batches in Orange, Virginia