Model No. 5 Short - Standard Stainless Steel

Model No. 5 is the ultimate wide-tooth rake comb.  The Short 4 inch (10 cm) version is ideal for detangling and styling for both men and women. Works especially well with thick, long, and curly hair. The Short 4 inch (10 cm) version with its' more compact size makes it great for use as a pocket or travel comb. It also makes a great styling tool for gentlemen with bigger beards. The Standard combs have an ultra smooth satin-matte finish.

Model 5 Standard is made of high quality American stainless steel, which is laser-cut for precision and then carefully hand and machine finished in a lengthy, multi-step process to ensure that all of the surfaces and edges are smooth, rounded, and perfectly gentle on the hair and scalp. The outstanding quality of materials and attention to detail is what distinguishes Chicago Combs and makes them the best in the world. Made in U.S.A. and built to last a lifetime.

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