The Pike

Not Your Grandfather's Pocket Knife

The Pike started with a simple brief: create a modern take on your grandfather’s knife – a simple, clean interpretation of the classic non-locking slip-joint. We paired inviting, warm materials with a clean, modern form meant for those who wanted to carry their knife in their pocket, not on their hip. The result was a slim, minimal design that is destined to become a modern heirloom.

Designed to be an Icon.

We started designing the Pike after listening to your feedback on the County. The County was our second knife ever, and it shared the same initial brief as the Pike: to create a modern interpretation of the small, in-pocket slip joint like your grandfather might have in his pocket. We started by turning the form on its head, and instead of using the horizontal lines of the two bolsters as key design details, we created a long horizontal line that became the defining element of the design.

Since that time we've seen many others borrow liberally from that idea. We've maintained that key element in the Pike, but we've softened the form to make it more at home in the pocket. We've also added a Wharncliffe blade shape, which is a first for us. This gives the knife a minimal, refined feel, and maximizes the length of the blade with regard to the overall length of the knife.

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