About us

Our story:

I’ve always had this interest in collecting items that I described as timeless – items that defined a gentleman – in all ways one can be.  But I never was one that wanted typical.  When seeking a watch, my choice was orange; my socks are never classic black…it has to be different. Perhaps this desire stems from being a red-head and naturally standing out my entire life.

I began to follow makers that seemed to understand this essence.  Makers with a passion for their craft and a dedication to quality – those who’s belief was to preserve the craft of making hand-made, durable goods and share it.

As I started to research more, I found I was driven with a similar passion - to build this concept and do it from the ground up. With the help of friends, family, trusted acquaintances, and even complete strangers, we have built The Simple Man storefront entirely by hand. Every countertop planed, every wall painted, every item selected was done with the constant hope that other men would understand this is what it’s all about. Similar to our grandfathers, the roots of our successes begin with the belief and willingness to try.

Our focus is on curating simple, well made, durable goods for men. Our concept is a bit different from traditional men's stores, where clothing is the focus and the rest of the goods, accessories and such are secondary.  Instead, our focus is on the "other" pieces a man desires to complete himself and display his distinct brand. These include personal care items, accessories, lifestyle goods, and other unique items a distinguished man seeks. We also carry a small selection of classic, timeless clothing from up and coming designers/makers.

Most of these products have a great story to accompany them.  Many are made by craftsmen, using methods and techniques of a bygone era; each as storied as the people crafting them.  The stories, the people and the products make for a one-of-a-kind shopping experience.

Think English den, meets old world pub with a little rustic hardware store mixed in.  Where stories are told and connections are made.

Personal service beyond expectations will be our daily mission. 

Because our belief is that a true gentleman, one utilizing quality-made goods…that will never go out of style.

It’s simple.