Hanz De Fuko - Gravity Paste

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A scientific breakthrough, GRAVITY PASTE contains revolutionary properties that activate once the product is applied and rubbed between the palms of the hands allowing for effortless hair sculpting.

This innovative new styling product provides high-hold with “Super-Grip” technology for achieving any hairstyle imaginable with low gloss shine. 

Apply a dime sized amount and rub vigorously between the palms of the hands to activate “Super-Grip” (when the product begins to get “tacky”). Then apply using a scrunching motion to damp or dry hair for maximum hold and texture.

RED TEA & POMEGRANATE provide the most powerful antioxidant combination currently available to fight off the signs of aging and protect the hair and scalp against the environment.

VITAMINS A, C and E help to replenish skin and hair.

SPEARMINT, PEPPERMINT, & EUCALYPTUS EXTRACTS soothe and hydrate the hair and scalp.

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