Double Wall Stainless Steel Ice Bucket with Strainer and Tongs - 3 Liters

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Keeps Wine Ice Cold and Your Best Shirt Clean. As the night wears on one of two things usually happens with your wine ice bucket. You're left topping it up from the ice box all night, or you're left with water spots down your shirt, a drink bucket full of water and a bottle of bubbles that's less than desirable. But when you party with the JoyJolt double wall insulated wine bucket chiller, ice melts very slowly and any melt water gets trapped beneath the bucket cooler strainer! Enjoy ice cold drinks to the last drop, and keep your best shirt free from those embarrassing water drips. Sip Slow and Enjoy The Whole Bottle, Because That Ice Cold Ice Isn't Going Anywhere.


• 3L Ice Bucket with Lid, Strainer and Serrated Ice Tongs
• Double Walled Design Keeps Warm Air Away From Frozen Ice
• Base Strainer Catches 400ml Ice Melt For Frostier Cubes
• Airtight Lid Keeps Ice Completely Frozen
• Made From Hospitality Grade Stainless Steel
• Serrated Ice Tongs For Easier Ice Grabs
• Ice Bucket Handle and Strainer Handle for Ease of Use

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