Jackin the Box Puzzle

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Eight aluminum blocks unite to form a perfect cube. But there’s more… Uncover a puzzle within a puzzle, wrapped in a magic trick.

Imagine a puzzle with a touch of magic, where the answer isn't just unexpected—it's positively astonishing. Meet the "Jack in the Box", designed by Rod Bogart.

At first glance, you'll see eight solid metal pieces that form a perfect cube when packed inside the box.

Yet, there is a second puzzle hiding in plain sight. Every element, from the aluminum cuboids to the acrylic casing, holds a clue to the riddle.

What makes this puzzle so mysterious? The name provides a big hint: “Jack in the Box.”The elegant metal stand, which gracefully displays the cube, is affectionately named the 'jack.'

The secret is how to fit the three-dimensional star inside the box along with all eight pieces of the cube. Math may provide an explanation, but experiencing the enigma firsthand? It seems impossible.

Jack in the Box is Craighill's most astonishing puzzle yet. The only thing more satisfying that solving it, is sharing the magic with a friend.

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