Nose & Ear Trimmer

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The Nose & Ear Trimmer is designed to help you take control of your personal grooming routine. It features a simple and precise nose hair trimmer to keep you looking your best. It is reliable and easy to use, making it the ideal tool for perfecting your look.

This nose and ear hair trimmer has, in addition to its unique shape, an innovative, new cutting technology. The cutting edges of both the inner, rotating blade and the cutting edges of the outer, fixed blade are not ground but finely milled. This technique does not create any burrs on which hair could get tangled. In addition, this type of fine milling allows the two knives to be at the smallest possible distance from one another. This distance is several times smaller than a hair thickness. No hair can get caught between the two knives. Hair is not torn painfully, but neatly cut.

The nose and ear hair trimmer consists of 3 parts: 1. The protective cap, which should always be put on after use and cleaning to protect the fine edges. 2. The middle section with the outer blade made of stainless steel with a black powder-coated aluminum sleeve.

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