Schott NYC - 100 Years of an American Original

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Schott NYC's proudly marked its 100th year in 2013! Relive the innovations and impacts Schott has made on American culture in our commemorative book by Rin Tanaka.

The author is an acclaimed editorial photographer, who was born in Japan in 1970 and grew up in his family's hometown of Yokohama. He started hitting U.S. roads in 1990 during his college days. He moved to San Clemente, California in 1998. He has written 19 books about the history of vintage clothing.

Now you can own one these limited edition books that commemorates Schott NYC's first 100 years. The book features:

* Over 200 original jacket photos and sketches
* An extensive history of Schott labels
* Rare historical and celebrity photos
* Factory photos from throughout the years

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