Howler Bros. mens trucker jacket
December 14, 2023

A Guide to Men's Jacket and Coat Styles: Elevate Your Wardrobe

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Men's fashion thrives on the versatility and timeless appeal of jackets and coats. From classic designs to contemporary trends, the choices are abundant, catering to the varied preferences of the modern Gent . Featuring a few favorites found at The Simple Man,  we'll explore five popular men's jacket and coat styles, with a focus on brands like Grayers, The Normal Brand, Schott NYC,  and Howler Brothers,.

Bomber Jackets: Contemporary Cool

Bomber jackets, a symbol of enduring coolness, continue to captivate men of all ages. Grayers, a brand celebrated for its modern approach to classic styles, presents a fresh take on the iconic bomber jacket. Infused with attention to detail and crafted from quality materials, Grayers'  New Daines Bomber Jacket offers a contemporary twist to the timeless classic. Versatile and refined, these jackets seamlessly transition from casual to formal settings, making them a wardrobe essential for the discerning man.

Shirt Jackets: Casual Comfort Redefined

For those valuing a harmonious blend of style and comfort, The Normal Brand's shirt jackets are an ideal choice. The shirt jacket, a fusion of structured outerwear and laid-back ease, epitomizes casual sophistication. The Normal Brand, known for its rugged refinement, brings forth shirt jackets that effortlessly bridge the gap between smart and casual. Ideal for transitional seasons, these shirt jackets provide a comfortable and relaxed vibe without compromising on style.

Pea Coats: Timeless Elegance

Emanating timeless elegance, pea coats and other wool coats from Schott NYC stand as the epitome of refined outerwear. Rooted in naval traditions, the double-breasted pea coat offers sophistication and warmth. Schott NYC, synonymous with quality leather craftsmanship, extends its expertise to wool coats, combining tradition with contemporary style. The structured silhouette and meticulous detailing make Schott NYC's pea coats and wool coats essential for a polished and put-together look during colder months.

Trucker Jackets: Laid-Back Adventure

For the man seeking laid-back coolness, Howler Brothers' trucker jackets are a must-have. Inspired by the rugged appeal of truck drivers, the Lined Depot Jacket boasts a boxy fit and a front-button closure. Howler Brothers, renowned for its outdoor lifestyle and adventure ethos, introduces a modern twist to the classic trucker jacket. Blending urban fashion with practicality, these jackets provide a laid-back yet refined outerwear option suitable for a variety of casual settings.

Leather Coats: Timeless Edge

The allure of leather coats is unparalleled, and Schott NYC continues to set the standard for quality leather outerwear. Whether it's a rebellious moto jacket or a sophisticated leather trench coat, Schott NYC caters to diverse style preferences. The brand's legacy in leather craftsmanship ensures that each piece exudes timeless edge, adding a touch of rebellious charm to any outfit. A well-crafted leather coat from Schott NYC is an investment that withstands the test of time, embodying the spirit of the modern man.

In the realm of men's fashion, jackets and coats serve as a canvas for self-expression. Whether you gravitate towards the contemporary coolness of  bomber jackets, the casual comfort redefined by shirt jackets, the timeless elegance of pea coats and  other wool coats, the laid-back adventure of trucker jackets, or the timeless edge of leather coats, the aforementioned options offer quality craftsmanship and styles that endure. As you curate your wardrobe, embrace the opportunity to express your personality through these iconic pieces that stand the test of time.

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