June 14, 2023



It’s Father’s Day – Here’s One of the Best.

June. It’s Father’s Day month. 

One of our favorite and most busy months here at TSM.

We always celebrate the men in our lives and their great contributions, and so it is only fitting that this month, we feature one of the best gents and dads I have the privilege to know, Michael A.

Raised right here in the heart of Omaha and a Westside graduate, Michael is the coolest Mortgage Loan Originator 

I’ve ever met. We met right after we opened in our Benson location, and truthfully, the guy has never really left. 

Kidding aside, Michael is the epitome of a family man. From watching his kids play sports to carefully brushing his daughter’s hair, playing catch in the backyard and doing crafts at the kitchen table. Family is his everything. 

Our shared love of shoes, Oxford Pennants, and whiskey have only made me like him even more. 


Here’s what I’d like you to know about this Simple Man, Michael, in his words. 

What’s a pet peeve that you would make illegal if you could? 
I don’t know if this is a pet peeve, but I don’t understand how people sleep without a top sheet. I try and make the bed daily and each day I’m reminded about it.  

Favorite tailgating or ballgame watching food & beverage?  
I will start with my least favorite food: deviled eggs. Just want to stir the pot a little bit. My favorite beverage would be Coors Banquet Beer and food would be a plain hotdog. Busch Light would be a close second.

The best thing about being a dad is…? 
I’m lucky as both of my kids enjoy sports and push my wife and I to participate/practice with them on off days. So, spending extra time with them and turning these extra practices/work into a fun experience is amazing. I may have to get Tommy Johns Surgery because I never played baseball, but I wouldn’t give up this time for anything. Fingers crossed as I still have one playing soccer and looking forward to her first time playing for a competitive team this fall.

What are you currently listening to (music, podcasts, etc)?  
I’m on a Podcast kick lately. Weekly I’m listening to the following: The Rich Roll Podcast, The Erik Anders Lang Show, and The Basement Yard podcasts. Music is all over the place, but currently is Rage Against the Machine, Zach Bryan, Daft Punk, and Incubus.

Describe your perfect day.  
That’s a tough one. I’d have to say April 25th. Because it’s not too hot and not too cool. All you need is a light jacket. (IYKYK)

What historical or sports figure (past or present) inspires you?  
I wouldn’t say one figure has inspired me lately, but I have been infatuated with the YouTube channel Toyota World Runners. If I were to answer your question, then Thiago Silva of Chelsea would have to be the answer. He’s 38 years old and plays at a world class level.  

What’s the strangest purchase you’ve made (or almost made)?  
I don’t know if I would call it strangest, but more like dorkiest. I have a Johnny Cupcakes bandana that says “Non-Gang Affiliated” on it. And I love it!

Tell us one thing about you that few may know (that is ‘safe’ for public knowledge). 
I’m having a tough time saying this, but I’m starting to enjoy (in moderation) some country music such as Zach Bryan. This might just be a mid-life crisis, but for now I’ll rock out to All My Homies Hate Ticketmaster album.

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?  
I think I would make a decent shoe brand representative. I was at The Simple Man store when the Gola rep was there, and I thought it looked like a cool gig. 

What The Simple Man find can’t you live without? 
My favorite part about most of my purchases from The Simple Man are they are items I didn’t know I was even looking for. My kids love the National Bark bracelets. Our fitness room has the Ted Lasso “Believe” Oxford Pennant that I will never part with. However, my absolute favorite purchase is the copper fill funnel.  I use it when giving out spirit samples. I love it so much that I purchased a second one.


Michael – that whiskey-loving, witty, dedicated dad. 

Once again, the biggest benefits of this gig…the one where I own my business…is meeting new people, learning from them, and then we become friends. Damn, I’m grateful.

It’s simple.