Flag & Anthem: Vintage Clothing Styles for Men
December 28, 2022

Flag & Anthem: Vintage Clothing Styles for Men

Flag & Anthem. There is a saying, I know you’ve heard. Living the American Dream.

Throughout decades, maybe centuries even, the phrase has evoked that of a self-made, hard-working citizen. That American success story. Webster’s definition has evolved to one of more inclusion and pride stating the American Dream is “the ideal that every citizen of the United States should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative.”

When creating a visual representation of that man or woman living the American Dream, it almost always aligns with that of Americana fashion. Characteristics are iconic to American culture, civilization, history, and aesthetics. Often those visuals include denim, flannel, t-shirts, and boots.

Flag & Anthem is that true Americana, a real-clothes-for-real-life brand.

Let’s explore more about one of the most iconic-inspired men’s brands out there.

Americana: Hard-working Craftsmen

a blue corduroy flannel made by Flag & Anthem

The Americana aesthetic is synonymous with those hard-working men, the rugged, sun-up to sun-down, not afraid to get your hands' dirty guy. The truck driver set out hoping to safely return to his family in under two days. The farmer wakes at 4-something knowing it will be many hours and many changes in the plan before returning to the house. The construction worker works overnight to finish the project ahead of time.

The Americana fashion style evokes an era of hard work and rustic living.

Americana clothes are that of hearty, high-quality fabrics that center on layers and are loose enough to allow movement while working and still being useful in a variety of settings, weather, and needs.

Rugged and defined; Durable and versatile.

Today, even if your rugged attire isn’t all for working outdoors, those staple items from Flag & Anthem fit the vibe.

Vintage-inspired, Iconic Staples in Menswear

two male models wearing long sleeved flannel shirts made by Flag & Anthem

The name itself says it all, Flag & Anthem…Americana. Launched in 2016, the brand‘s goal was that of premium quality, casual clothing that could be worn every day. Zod Mohit and his business partner had spent almost 20 years in the clothing manufacturing business. They knew that often the options in men’s clothing were either too cheap and disposable or too expensive and out of touch. Casual clothing everyday garments could be high-quality and budget-friendly.

A high-quality brand with a perfect-fit piece that won’t break the bank and iconic staples, Flag & Anthem exemplifies a refined to rugged look with an authentic, vintage-inspired aesthetic. Collections include everything from denim, t-shirts, flannels, and Henleys.

When selecting a piece from Flag & Anthem, you, in turn, receive a promise. That promise is that the garment will meet your need for Quality, Detail, and Fit. In fact, Flag & Anthem prides itself on these promises.

Quality & Versatility Doesn’t Have to Mean Cheap

Flag & Anthem makes clothes for real life. Great-looking clothes that are durable enough to wear when working in the yard, yet versatile enough to head to dinner after stopping by the hardware store.

The shirts, for instance, offer an easy and effortless approach to everyday dressing. Many flannels and corduroy shirts are high-quality cotton blends for a comfortable fit, and super-soft feel, and some are even specially washed for a broken-in look.

No longer just for days on the farm or nights at the campground, flannels are one of the most versatile items a man can have in his clothing rotation.

T-shirts and Henleys are made of high-quality performance fabrics infused with the perfect amount of stretch for max mobility. The perfect shirts for transitional days or when you want a comfortable layer underneath sweaters or jackets.

Truly Americana.

That denim has seen its share of firepits and concerts, nights out with friends, and sidelines at youth sports games. Those that seem to fit even better year after year. 

It’s in the Details

Flag & Anthem prides itself on the details. Paying extra attention to those little things that matter. Not over-designing, but the details like soft fabrics, contrasting collars, and cuffs, unique buttons, and snaps. Flag & Anthem curates every inch of every item.

Truly Americana.

And fit. The gang at Flag & Anthem states this about what they do. “We make clothes that we want to wear - and that you'll want to wear too.” And with that, they know every man or woman choosing Flag & Anthem clothes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Their clothes are not too slim, not too boxy; simply the best-fitting shirts, most comfortable tees, shorts that fit perfectly, and denim with stretch to move and flex when you do.

"We make clothes that we want to wear and that you'll want to wear, too." ~ Flag & Anthem

Many Flag & Anthem shirts are intended to bring all-day comfort and be part of your everyday rotation. They are designed to be untucked and refined.

A Lifelong Relationship with A Brand of Clothes

The Flag & Anthem brand is one where they hope their customers build a relationship with the brand. To do that, it takes confidence that what is being produced and offered is high-quality, durable, and for the right price.

As stated before, in the world of men’s clothing, people often associate long-lasting with a higher price. Flag & Anthem garments are not so fine and pricey that you're afraid to wash or even wear them. It’s just comfortable, casual clothing at an accessible price that you can wear while you enjoy your everyday life.

The classic colors, styles, variety of fabric weights, and performance mean year after year, you can find new, yet classic pieces to mix up your everyday wear.

You work so hard every day. You deserve to have those everyday pieces that you don’t question paying for.

Why The Simple Man Digs Flag & Anthem

If you are familiar with The Simple Man, then you know why Flag & Anthem fits perfectly with our brand.

From the onset, our promise has been to provide quality goods for men, made by makers with a passion for their craft and a dedication to quality. And when I envision those makers, artists, dads….when I see them working hard, I imagine they just might be wearing clothes like those created by Flag & Anthem.

I mean flannels, jeans, and boots – that is what we jokingly describe as the iconic The Simple Man work uniform.

Kidding aside, there is something more that connects Flag & Anthem to The Simple Man beyond the high-quality, iconic Americana styles.  There seem to be many similarities.

Here are a few of those cool connections:

  • Flag & Anthem was founded in 2016.
    • So was The Simple Man.
  • Flag & Anthem prides itself on providing high-quality, durable clothing.
    • The Simple Man’s tagline is: our focus is on simple, well-made, durable goods for men
  • Flag & Anthem shirts have a vintage-inspired vibe. Not exactly what your dad wore, but simply updated with what’s current now.
    • If you have ever set foot in the store or visited the website, you’ll notice The Simple Man’s decor is purposely curated with a mix of vintage antiques and current design trends. Classics.
  • The Simple Man knows without a doubt, the details make the difference. From the stories shared in the store to the hand-written note included in an online order, you may not even be conscious of the impact that has on your relationship with a brand you love.
    • Flag & Anthem built their business around the same small, yet highly important details.

We dig that. And that is why Flag & Anthem is one of the most popular, signature brands available at The Simple Man.

It’s an American Dream Vibe

Most of all, it is a similar vibe that brings the two brands together. True, one may be a clothing brand and the other a small shop that sells that clothing, but when it comes to focusing on what each can do for its customers, it is clear.

Both Flag & Anthem and that guy hustling at The Simple Man believe in the American Dream:

Be real.

Be true.

Work hard and watch it pay off.

Then enjoy it all with those around you.

It’s simple.