Get to Know 7DIAMONDS Clothing – a Staple at The Simple Man
March 30, 2023

Get to Know 7DIAMONDS Clothing – a Staple at The Simple Man

7DIAMONDS clothing is one of the most popular fashion brands on the market. With a variety of styles and designs, there’s something for everyone in their collection. But what makes 7DIAMONDS so special? Here’s an overview of why this fashionable brand stands out from the rest and is such a staple for The Simple Man customers. 

A Brand Born in LA Over a Decade Ago

Since its beginning in Los Angeles in 2000, 7DIAMONDS has been recognized as a fashion-forward lifestyle brand with a focus on premium products, sophisticated design, and keen attention to every last detail. Designed with choice fabrics that guarantee comfort and durability, the garments go the distance and stand the test of time – both in style and quality.

And if you are wondering about the name, the sentiment behind the 7DIAMONDS’ name is for one goal: for you to wear any of our pieces seven days a week, on any occasion from casual to formal.

Style & Quality – Made for Everyone

7DIAMONDS specializes in creating stylish, modern pieces that look great on everyone. They offer a wide range of clothing items, from classic polo shirts to statement leather jackets. Each piece is carefully crafted using quality materials such as cotton and wool, so you know you’re getting well-made clothes that will last for years to come. 

The brand’s line for men offers unmatched comfort, style and versatility through its timeless pieces that will make any man look polished and put together no matter the occasion. Whether you’re looking for work-ready attire or something to wear for casual occasions, 7DIAMONDS has something for all guys, all ages.

It’s the Little Things, Like Attention to Detail and Fit

One of the hallmarks of 7DIAMONDS clothing is its attention to detail. Every piece is cut in such a way that it moves with your body while still looking fitted. Seams are reinforced with inside details like grosgrain trim or contrast stitching while fabrics are chosen with comfort and breathability in mind. From twill chinos to lightweight shirts, you can trust 7DIAMONDS to provide clothing that looks great and feels even better.

The primary reasons The Simple Man customers continue to purchase 7DIAMONDS is that the shirts feels like you have nothing on. Known for its four-way stretch, the mostly polyester fabric is airy and comfortable and the shirts are breathable, thus don’t cling or cause one to get too warm.

A Wardrobe Must - Unique Designs & Patterns that Inspire Creativity

As an established brand, 7DIAMONDS doesn’t just stick to the same old designs - they bring new ideas and patterns to their collections each season. From bold prints to eye-catching colors, you can find something unique in their collection that adds an interesting touch to your wardrobe.

A number one benefit of 7DIAMONDS shirts is the small prints that people love. The versatility of the patterns and color variations means your piece can be work with just about anything.

The key to versatility in men’s clothing is less is more.  And 7DIAMONDS does this, in a very deliberate way with the small print designs. For example, that may be a dark navy shirt with a white print, or black with white or pink prints, and white shirts with dark navy or black prints.

The prints feature small flowers, dots or geometric shapes that are unassuming so you get a little bit of style, a little pattern without a ton of flair. This design feature allows men to confidentially wear 7DIAMONDS shirts under a jacket or blazer and still be professional.

Or, one can wear it stand-alone and make a subtle fashion statement.

Like The Simple Man, 7DIAMONDS encourages its customers to be creative with their style by offering a range of different pieces that can be mixed and matched in countless ways. Whether you want to create a casual weekend look or dress up for a special occasion, 7DIAMONDS has something for all occasions and tastes! 

7DIAMONDS also offers a wide range of styles for every taste. Whether you’re looking for something classic or contemporary, there is something for everyone in the collection. From long-sleeve to short sleeve, subtle to more bold, you can find a piece to match your personal style with ease. 

When it comes to versatility, it’s hard to beat 7DIAMONDS clothing for men. Each item is designed to transition seamlessly from one occasion to next so you don’t have to worry about having the right outfit for every event. The brand’s timeless pieces can easily be dressed up or down, depending on what you need. Whether you’re headed to work, a night out with friends or an important meeting, 7DIAMONDS has something to help you look your best and feel confident. 

Beyond the Basics 

The brand also features pieces designed with comfort in mind, like high-tech fabric quarter-zips, hoodies, zip-up jackets and sweatpants all offering an athletic-inspired look while still feeling luxurious. The fabric again is very stretchy, soft and breathable. Guys simply love how the fabric breaths.

And beyond the fabric, the 7DIAMONDS athleisure has visual interest and style even though it may be a solid color due to its textured and designed knits.

7DIAMONDS is known for taking a classic flannel and modernized it with a fresh fit and again, that breathable, tech fabric.  This allows for the traditional look of a flannel, but updated with modern fabric for the comfort features we seek in clothing today. 

Affordable Prices and Versatility for Simple Men

7DIAMONDS pieces are reasonably priced - so you don’t have to break the bank for fashion! Selecting 7DIAMONDS apparel allows you to get the latest trends without spending too much money. 

The best part about 7DIAMONDS, in the minds of The Simple Man customers is that the brand spans the gap between ultra-casual and business casual.  It is the perfect brand for guys that want something a bit dressier but don’t want to step up to a dress-oxford. There are many options in between. 

Why The Simple Man carries 7DIAMONDS 

There is a distinct similarity between the 7DIAMONDS vision and dedication to customers and that of The Simple Man. 

7DIAMONDS states it like this: We strive for the perfect balance between devotion to our craft and dedication to our customers. You know what you can expect from our clothing, but here’s what we can promise you from our company: we’ll continue pushing the envelope, thinking outside the box, and delivering versatile, consistent, and high-quality products for everyday wear.

7DIAMONDS: Subtle, Stylish, Seven Day a Week.

It’s simple.