Grab your brats - Tailgating season is here!
August 18, 2022

Grab your brats - Tailgating season is here!

Did you know National Tailgating Day is coming up? It is September 3rd this year. I didn’t know either. But I like it.

I most often associated tailgating with football. And my very unsophisticated research tells me some theorize it started in the late 1800s (without actual tail-gates, of course) at intercollegiate games, and other theories claim it became popular in American culture due to the Green Bay Packers. 

Let me tell you, as a die-hard Vikings fan, I call bullsh*t. Nothing I like so much could come from the Cheeseheads. 

Regardless of when or how it started, let’s explore why we love it so much. Granted, it involves things I love in life: beer and grilled meat. But the thing I like best is the social aspect of it. As fans of any sport, the opportunity to be involved and watch that game or match is like no other. To be a fan in the stands whether it is cheering on your favorite NFL or college team, or watching your kid give their all. The camaraderie that extends prior to the event, at a tailgate, is electric. Everyone is excited, everyone (for the most part) is high-fiving and becoming friends, even if strangers. At a good tailgate…it is what is best in the world.

This month we’ve featured some essentials for tailgating. From koozies, to BBQ rub, to the best college football t-shirt (Go Big Red) out there! You have to have your own essentials. What are they?

So I want to hear from you. I want to know your go-to recipes at your tailgates. Do you mix it up or always make the same? Tell us the games you play. Do you go with the same people each time or purposely mix it up to meet new friends? How far ahead of game time do you get there?

DO YOU HAVE PICTURES? I want to see the pictures, people!

Give me the scoop – share with me how you do your tailgating. Send me info and pictures to And with permission, we’ll share them on social. Better yet, share how you are using your The Simple Man gear at your tailgate and you might just win a gift certificate for more great stuff.

I love this time of year. The cooler weather allows us to bust out our fall team gear. Friday night is my Wildcats sweatshirt, Saturday it’s Huskers, and Sunday, the Vikes. A weekend full of tailgating and fun.

I hope you enjoy it!

It’s simple.