A retail storekeeper dresses a mannequin with a voltage quilted vest from Howler Brothers Clothing company.
December 12, 2022

Howler Brothers Clothing: What You Don't Know

Howler Brothers make quality clothing but here's what you don't know about this iconic clothing brand for men.  

Have you always been a fan of the Hawaiian shirt? For many people, there's something about that brightly-colored print that just says "vacation." But if you're not lucky enough to be in Hawaii right now, there's no need to let your vacation wardrobe go cold.

With Howler Brothers' eclectic, coastal style, you can step up that iconic vacation vibe to a new casual, outdoor look and feel good all year long. In Hawaii, Texas, the Midwest, or anywhere in between, you’ll enjoy these timeless, outdoor, sport-styled garments.

Let's dive into all about one of the best men's brands on the market today. 

The History of Men's Clothing Lines

To understand the evolution of this artistic brand, it’s best to start with the history of men's clothing lines. It is a fascinating tale. One that finds its roots in the Victorian Era, when class distinction was measured and displayed through different levels of elaborateness in clothes, it took bold and imaginative tailoring and cutting to display what one can be on the inside, while not compromising on the quality of fabrics employed in its construction.

Once the world has been tamed by these adventurous souls, only then did it see fit to branch out into unknown territories. We are talking about gentlemen after all.

During the early 20th century, men's clothing began to shift away from tailoring and towards more casual styles like khakis and button-down shirts. This style remained popular through the 1940s. This was until it began to be phased out by 1960s fashion trends like hippie chic and mod couture.

In the 1970s, denim jeans became popular among men as well as they continue to be a staple of American fashion today!

Today, the focus of men’s wear has shifted from style trends to garments crafted with functionality and attention to detail in mind. Where a man’s soul, passion, and interest are displayed through his personal style and individual pieces.

Buying Howler Brothers hats and clothes might be considered putting your money where your mouth is.

Howler Brothers Is Now a Global Brand

In the early 2000s, a small Virginia band, Wrinkle Neck Mules was sponsored by a T-shirt company where musicians and friends, Chase Heard and Andy Stepanian designed the band’s exclusive line of T-shirts.

In 2011, the Howler Brothers company was born through Heard and Stepanian’s shared love of surfing, fishing, paddling, and all things outdoorsy. The name specifically was inspired by a sound they each heard on surf trips to Costa Rica: the call of the loudest animal in North America, the Howler Monkey.

The two created several designs that were printed on 100 t-shirts each, which catered to the niche market of fly fishermen with a fashion sense. Their DIY ethos carried over from music to clothing, as they hand-drew their new designs every time and kept true to their original ideas about selling only through word of mouth.

The company's first product, the Howler Brothers T-shirt is still sold today for $60, and the business has since grown into a global brand.

Howler Brothers’ Designs Draw Inspiration from Local Landscapes

A man dressing a clothing mannequin in a men's clothing store in Omaha.

Image: Boyd Redinbaugh showcases a vest over a Harkers Flannel from Howler Brothers

In addition to being an all-around tastemaker and trendsetter, Howler Brothers clothing designs honor the soul, passion, and timeless style of sports such as surfing and fly fishing but update historic garment ideas with modern influence from waves, water, geography, fashion, and art.

The company designs draw inspiration from local landscapes and the nature that surrounds us and collaborates with artists to create original, unique offerings.

Clothing Is Always a Good Choice for Men

Two Howler Brothers stocking hats sitting on a retail shelf in a men's store.

Image: Channel your inner 1970s ski resort chic in the Howler Brothers Disco Beanie. 

When it comes to shopping for men, there are many reasons why clothing is a great gift choice. Some men love shopping for themselves, and others don’t like it at all. Everyone, though, enjoys getting stylish, functional, comfortable clothes that fit perfectly and last for years.

It is harder than one might think to get all those things right in one piece.

Howler Brothers shirts are specifically for men who want to look stylish and still feel comfortable and confident when they're out in public.

When You Buy Something from Howler Brothers, You're Buying High-Quality Goods

A mid-forties woman wearing a pink long-sleeved top is shopping at a men's store in Omaha. She is holding a flannel shirt from Howler Brothers Clothing.

Image: A customer feels the buttery soft warmth of the Howler Brothers flannel shirt. 

When you buy from Howler Brothers, you're buying high-quality goods. Although best known for its quirky t-shirts, Gaucho Snapshirts and Outerwear, the products are made with quality fabrics, sturdy stitching, and a focus on long-lasting design.

For some people, success means buying endless designer brands. But these are over-priced and often don't deliver. The most well-defined men who understand their purpose in life, however, realize that owning Howler Brothers clothes alone makes you a success. 

The company uses cotton and recycled polyester to make its clothing items, which means there's no need to worry about them falling apart after one wash cycle. They're designed to last through years of wear (and possibly even several kids).

Howler Brothers' designs are purposefully simple so that they'll go with anything in your closet which means less time deciding what to wear each morning. That makes sense: why spend more time thinking about what outfit looks best if you can just throw on one of these pieces instead?

An Alternative to Designer Brands 

When it comes to buying clothes, you want to get the best value for your money without sacrificing quality. Howler Brothers know this and work with local craftspeople in manufacturing facilities around the world to bring you top-quality products at prices that won't break your bank account.

Through your purchase, you're getting garments and gear that are just as good as designer brands, but at a fraction of the price and still of the highest quality! Everything you need to stay stylish: tees, shoes, jackets, and even hats!

Howler Brothers Shirts Are Made to be Functional as Well as Fashionable

a man with a red beard and glasses is wearing a flannel shirt from Howler Bros. He is helping a young women pick out a long-sleeved jacket from Howler Brothers.

Image: Boyd Redinbaugh demonstrates the durability of the Talisman Fleece jacket from Howler Brothers. 

The shirts are made to be worn all day, every day, by men of all ages and shapes. Men who are just starting their careers and those who want to express their style at work or in the home office.

The Howler Brothers shirts were designed with comfort in mind, so you can look great while feeling great. A vibe that gives you more confidence to express your unique style.

With a Howler Brothers Shirt, You Can Go from the Beach to Dinner

Headed to the beach? Plans to meet friends for drinks after work?

Howler Brothers shirts are versatile enough to be worn in a variety of settings. You don’t need two completely different wardrobes: one for work and another for playtime!

With quick-drying material, you can keep cool and comfortable during those hot summer days with your Howler Brothers t-shirt and board shorts, then throw on your snapshirt and utility pants as you head downtown. You’ll look great while staying cool as ever.

The clothes are comfortable and fashionable enough to pass as trendy clubwear if you’re feeling adventurous.

A Mission to Make People’s Lives Better While Donating 10% of Its Proceeds to Environmental Causes

Howler Brothers is a brand that believes in giving back. The company's mission is to make people's lives better. They do this by creating great clothes and giving proceeds back.

In addition to their charitable work, Howler Brothers use sustainable materials in all of their clothing. So they're helping the environment while they're at it!

They wanted to create a brand that would make people feel good about how they look. At the same time, they wanted to do something good for the planet.

You Can Wear a Stylish Coastal Sport Shirt Without Looking Like You're on Vacation

We're not saying you should wear surfing shirts to the office, but if you do, your employees might not mind. Howler Brothers have a great selection of coastal-inspired clothes. They are stylish enough to wear anywhere. We love their relaxed vibe and colorful patterns. Plus they make us feel like we're on vacation every time we put one on!

We especially love their button-ups and t-shirts. They're great for casual Fridays at work, dressing up for a wedding, or dinner with friends. Plus, these designs are true classics you can wear them over and over again without looking like a tourist in your town!

Think of the iconic Hawaiian shirt, one representing fun, party, and outdoors and update that style with a Howler Brothers version of the Gaucho Shirt collection. Replace the palm tree design with a Southwest nature theme. That is Howler Brothers.

Howler Brothers Clothes Are Great 

There's no doubt that Howler Brothers have taken the coastal shirt and made it suitable for everyday wear. Their bold, colorful designs and the fact that they donate 10% of all proceeds to environmental causes. It's a win-win situation where you get great clothes while also doing something good for the world around us!

For more on how to order Howler Brothers clothes, be sure to contact us today.

Image Credits: 316 Strategy Group