Let’s get outta here! Going on a vacation.

May 27, 2021

Let’s get outta here! Going on a vacation.

I have to admit as I write this, I’m getting excited, even though the topic for which I’m writing is two months away, I can’t stop thinking about our upcoming family vacation.

It has a lot to do with this new feeling of change. You know, the idea we can may be out and about more now that we are vaccinated. We can see friends and family, go to baseball games, maybe even concerts, and travel without as much worry.

Most often, when our family plans a vacation, it involves camping, mountains and if we are lucky, at least one national park visit.

This year, we have four national parks and one national memorial planned. (I’ve hyperlinked them so you can check them out.)

Mount Rushmore

The Badlands


Grand Teton

Wind Cave

I’ve mentioned in other posts that National Parks are a big deal to our family. There is just something about experiencing the amazement of these places with others.

As I said, we camp. And by camp I mean we tent. People think we are crazy for tenting. The usual response is “there are bears”! Well, yes there are. And we’ve seen them – a lot!

And don’t get me wrong, when we camp we do it up right. Our tent is pretty big – it has to in order to fit the everyone’s air mattresses. We have a camp kitchen my buddy Thomsen and I designed and built. We make our family traditions for food like Hobo Dinner and Berry Cobbler. Not quite glamping, but….

There is just nothing like looking through the top of a tent at the stars, hearing the crickets and waking up to the birds. NOTHING like it.

As we prepare for our summer vacation, I wanted to feature some of the things I feel are essential to our outdoor vacation experience.


This solar, inflatable lantern that charges during the day and provides great light at night.


Water & wind proof matches – you get it.


High camp flask – (if you check mine in the high country, it probably has Willet 4-year Rye)



The Folsom Knife featuring a steel liner-lock and a new deep carry clip so you don’t lose it when hiking.



Multi-tool  - 10 tools in one credit-card sized gadget. Need a screwdriver or can opener? Done!


This is our family’s perfect vacation. To be honest, I almost see this blog post a part 1 of 2. After we get back, I’ll likely tell you all about it.

And I get it - this may not be your ideal 2021 vacation. Maybe yours is the beach. Maybe it’s a luxury hotel. Maybe it’s amusement and water parks. However you spend vacation, I hope you soak it all up.

Enjoy all the small things…like the birds, the sunset, your kids’ laughter, the water crashing, that wonderful food.

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