Top 7 Things for Dad, He Doesn’t Even KNOW He Wants Yet.
May 26, 2022

Top 7 Things for Dad, He Doesn’t Even KNOW He Wants Yet.

Top 7 Things for Dad, He Doesn’t Even KNOW He Wants Yet.

If you’ve ever met my family, you learn quickly that our gift-giving game is like nothing else. We strive to find that special person a gift that illustrates to them what they mean to us. Our mission is to find them something special, and it is not a task, but rather a thoughtful, heart-felt challenge.

My brothers and sisters and I have a saying “I am going to find you a gift you don’t even know you want yet”. It is a mission that we gladly accept.

Father’s day is fast approaching. And as you can imagine, many people come through our doors with a similar mission. Some are on the hunt for something fun, or functional, something unique or useful.

Let me help you find it.

He wants this (but doesn’t know it yet):

Omaha in June Baseball Hats -  What goes together better than Omaha and Baseball in the month of June? These hats were designed by us and created right here in Nebraska.  We love supporting other small businesses.  The leather patch on the front is even made from recycled football leather, symbolizing another great past time associated with Nebraska.


Flip Flops – Urban Blend - Havaianas has become synonymous with summer spirit worldwide and is a must-have for beach-goers and trend setters alike.

The One-Short with Liner – Casual cotton shorts, with the flexibility and quick-drying functionality of swimwear. Playing baseball with the kids? Mowing or lounging on the boat?  Wear this.

Madras Spring Twill Shirt - Grayers – lightweight, long-sleeve. Perfect for fire-pit evenings.

Beer Koozie – Camping Without Beer - Extra Thick, Retro. Your cold beer will thank you.


Chapter Travel Kit – Herschel - Perfectly sized for carrying in-flight essentials or use as a Dopp kit.

Flint Bracelet – Leather Cord Bracelet – Authentic and rustic look. Comes in light or dark brown, indigo & verdigris colors.

Of course, I hope you might look through the website to get some ideas. Or better yet, stop in and tell me about him. 

I’d greatly enjoy helping you in your challenge.

It’s simple.