Wildness is my Necessity
July 15, 2021

Wildness is my Necessity

A few months ago I told you I was getting excited for our vacation.


The time has come to overload The Simple Man Van (TSMV as we call it) and head West.

Now, if you’ve followed this blog or chatted with me in the store, you know I am a nature guy.  Being in the outdoors and especially a National Park is my favorite place to be. And I have had the privilege of experiencing many of our nation’s parks with a pack on my back, many days in the backwoods off the grid and seeing places few have ever seen.

But when it comes to family vacations – we borderline on glamping. We do it up right. So I wanted to feature more of the items we take along, and last time I mentioned the camp kitchen we built.

Here it is. Isn’t she a beauty?


Yeah, it may weigh more than a small vehicle, but damn I love setting this up in our campsite and having everything I need.


Some of my favorites:

Morning coffee.

No instant here, folks. We use a French press specially made for camping and nothing tastes better than a good roast, on a cool morning in an enamel mug. Tip: Bacon frying on the campfire makes the coffee taste even better.

No electricity – no problem!

We try to stay off the grid but this solar, inflatable lantern is great for multiple reasons. 1) the light helps me mix another whiskey drink and 2) the phone charger is handy. Ya know, to listen to music or check the weather.



Safety First.

Speaking of lights, who hates tripping on the air mattresses or portable fan in the tent?  This guy!  So we use these solar string lights to avoid injury. I mean, it is truly all about your well-being. Nothing ruins a vacation like a trip to the hospital.

THE tool.

Finally, the other must have each of us has in our pocket when camping is an Opinel stainless steel pocket knife. Choose from a variety of sizes to fit your need. Not recommended when trying to filet a fish…just sayin’.  *reference point about the fastest way to ruin a vacation.


I’ve joked a bit, and I’m sure you’ll give me a bad time for my less-than-roughin’ it way. Wait until next time when I show you the portal shower we brought along…..

Let me leave you with this John Muir quote because it says it all: “Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wildness is a necessity”.

My necessity.

It’s simple.

*This is a good time to note that the shop will be closed from Saturday, July 17th through Monday, July 26th. We'll be open normal hours again on Tuesday, July 27th.You can always shop online at thesimplemanstore.com. We will ship any orders we receive when we return on Tuesday the 27th!