These are a few of my favorite things
December 11, 2019

These are a few of my favorite things

December is here.  Gifting season is upon us and we love it. We spend a tremendous amount of time gearing up for this time of year.  Each year it actually all begins in January and February when we head off to market to choose items for the fall season. We touched on the selection process a bit in our previous blog post. Once our shipments start arriving each fall. it’s a bit like Christmas morning for us though. Sure, it’s not like we don’t know what’s in them, we bought them for goodness sake, but do you remember everything you did last January?  I didn’t think so. With so many items it’s hard to keep track of them, but there are definitely some standouts that we look for in the early shipments. Items we just fell in love with and had to have, these pieces stood out for a reason and quite honestly, are my personal favorites of this season. I hope you like them too.

Jimbo Double Pocket Overshirt  - The Normal Brand


This shirt is right up my alley.  If you know me, you know I love my plaid.  This shirt is classic and timeless in its design and construction.  The medium to large scale plaid pattern and heavy flannel fabric make it the kind of shirt destined to become a long-time staple in your closet.  With each passing season, it’ll get better and better. Imagine wearing it as a jacket when the weather begins to get a touch cooler, or as your focal piece under a light vest.  The colorway for this piece works well no matter what you wear it with. The Normal Brand is known for their fit, and this piece delivers.



Men’s Stand Up Neck Wool Seater – Schott


Schott is one of those companies that had me at “Hello.”  It’s no wonder one of their pieces is one of my favorites this season.  This military-inspired piece is rugged, yet looks great at the office too.  Its wool, and heavy wool too. When the Schott shipment arrived, I opened all the boxes until I pulled this one out.  I just love the contrasting textures between the body and the shoulder patches. Turn on an old military flick and you’re sure to find one of these somewhere.  With proper care, I’ll be passing this down to my son. It’s that type of piece.


Performance Denim – Duer


Lastly, I’ll tell you about my new favorite jeans.  I have a few pairs of selvage denim jeans that I’ve been breaking in for years.  There’s just something about breaking in a pair yourself that’s hard to beat. The fade progression and softness achieved over a long period of time is really something.  However, there is also something to be said for instant comfort. DU/ER is a performance-minded company from Canada. The lead designer and one of the founders have roots in activewear.  This company hauls a fitting room to its booth at the market shows because they know that when you try them, you’ll fall in love. I have to admit I was skeptical as I was trying them on in a tiny booth in the middle of the Denver Convention Center.  People all around, a booth curtain that was just tad too high, showing my white legs to the world. Oh, and a company rep standing there talking to me through the curtain, telling me to do some squats once I had them on. True Story. But, man are they as advertised: comfy, stretchy, and the fit is just right for my aging 40-something body.  These jeans deliver, and I’m not afraid to say I like my stretchy pants. I have 3 pairs now, and you’d never know they weren’t standard denim. They have coolmax fibers in them too, so they keep you cooler. If you’ve been in the shop looking for jeans, no doubt you’ve heard me sing their praises.  

Well, these are a few of my favorite things this season.  The new buying season is just around the corner for me, and I’ll be off scouting for new goods.  Chances are if you run into me, you know what I’ll be wearing.

It’s simple.