Flag & Anthem Clothing - Quality, Detail, Fit
February 06, 2023

Flag & Anthem Clothing - Quality, Detail, Fit

Do you have questions about Flag & Anthem, a popular clothing brand for men?

Recently, we shared information about one of The Simple Man’s top brands, Flag & Anthem.

Following that blog, a few customers stopped in to ask more questions about this Americana-inspired, brand. It just so happens that the day I decided to follow up with more details about Flag & Anthem, I got a notification our Spring order would be arriving soon.

Maybe it’s a sign.

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions and thoughts I’ve shared throughout the years as a Flag & Anthem retailer.

How Do Their Clothes Fit?

The number one question asked is: How does Flag & Anthem fit?

Flag & Anthem apparel is A true-to-actual-size brand, and it is clear, these clothes are made for real life.

Now, this description has been distorted in recent decades when department stores offered true-to-fit descriptions for boxier and straight-cut shirts. Conversely, Flag & Anthem clothing is not a trim fit either.

Flag & Anthem shirts are referred to as a tailored athletic fit, but more so, the description most understood by customers is this: it fits right in the shoulders, tapers a little as it goes down, but is not a slim fit in the midsection. It is a tailored, comfortable fit.

This fit makes Flag & Anthem perfect for the versatility the clothes offer. Button-down shirts, for instance, are comfortable to wear when active outside and the performance fabrics allow some stretch.  When paired with a base layer, they’re perfect to wear out to dinner.

Flag & Anthem shirts are made to be worn untucked, but the fit also allows their shirts to be tucked in and still look stylish and comfortable.

Another positive aspect of Flag & Anthem is their response to market needs in sizing. Recently, due to customer preferences, Flag & Anthem has increased its sizing options and offers up to XXXL for quite a few of its styles. They even started to produce a handful of their tops in Big &/or Tall options. 

Are They American Made?

An Americana vibe, so is it American-made?

The short answer is no.

Although Flag & Anthem is Americana inspired, all of their clothes are imported. This allows Flag & Anthem and its retailers to offer high-quality fabrics and clothes at a price point that resonates with a wide array of customers.  As more and more apparel manufacturing returns to the states and becomes more widespread like it once was, American Made will likely become more accessible for everyone.  

Until the overall trends in manufacturing and consumer spending, tips towards clothes made in the USA, Flag & Anthem will more than likely continue to outsource their manufacturing. 

Flag & Anthem works hard to ensure that its clothing is made in an ethical and responsible way, striving for manufacturing partners that utilize sustainable materials and production processes.

Fashionable or Functional Clothing?

Is Flag & Anthem Fashionable or Functional?

Flag & Anthem is that true Americana, a real-clothes-for-real-life brand, and that means it is both functional and fashionable.

The subtle patterns make the designs casual, yet trendy and modern. Most button-down shirts, for example, illustrate a hard-working craftsman with an eye for style.

The collection is not loud, or ostentatious like a typical Hawaiian shirt may bring to mind, but Flag & Anthem patterned fabrics are subdued, understated, and modest.

In the upcoming Spring collection, new arrivals planned at The Simple Man include a small palm print and a slightly tropical/whimsical print. Both shirts feature a small, repeated pattern throughout. This allows a guy to give off a jovial vibe and stand out as stylish, but not be the center of attention in the room.

Fashionable and functional, Flag & Anthem is a premium quality, casual clothing that could be worn every day to work and play.

One of The Simple Man’s Top Brands 

Since the beginning, The Simple Man has featured Flag & Anthem collections and in that six years, it has fast become one of our top brands.

As a retailer, we strive to bring high-quality, perfect-fit pieces to men that won’t break the bank. Our customers want iconic, vintage-inspired clothing that makes a statement, yet still remains slightly understated to help one blend in. Flag & Anthem is the perfect lifestyle brand to check all those boxes.

Check out our Flag & Anthem collection here.

As we said, new Spring arrivals are on their way. Stop in or visit us online to get your new 2023 Flag & Anthem gear.

Be comfortable, be authentic.


It’s simple.