Father's Day

June 07, 2019

Father's Day

I’ve been thinking a lot about Father’s Day this year.  This tends to happen each year, but this year, more than previous, I have been thinking more about my life as a dad.  My kids are at an age when I know they are paying closer attention to our relationship, my advice (who are we kidding) and learning more about who I am as a person.  You know, the things you start to really learn about your dad.  His interests, his usual phrases, his mannerisms, his favorite things.

Some of you may not know, but my dad, Lynn, comes in the shop about three times each week to hang out, have coffee and just chat with me and others that stop in.  If you’ve met him, you’ve learned he is quick with a one-liner or a good story (I wonder where I get that). It may not seem like much, but just spending time with him each week for a few minutes means the world to me.  Of course, as a teenager I likely would not have said this.  But time together is something most often realized as an adult.

As I chat with people coming in the shop to find gifts for dads in their life, I am starting to notice how similar, little things are mentioned when talking about that person.

  • The type of cologne their dad used to use.  My dad, it was Old Spice.
  • Or their favorite drink.  My dad prefers a nice cold glass of water with his meal.  If you ask my kids, it’s a Coke with no ice for me.

Those seemingly small, simple things seem to have the biggest impact in knowing all about our dads.

Simple things – ok, I know what you are thinking - The Simple Man blog is about simple things? Really?

Truly it wasn’t directly linked when I had the idea, but hey let’s roll with it.

Life as a father..

This all leads me to back to reflecting on my life as a father. For those of you who have even had your own business, one of the biggest hurdles is making sure you spend enough time with those you love most. I, personally, have struggled lately with missing some of the big events:  end-of-school activities, soccer games, family movie nights.

So the other night, I was coming home and I kept thinking: man, this is a great night. I used to just love driving around with my windows open, letting the Spring air fill the car.”  So I called home and said “meet me in the driveway in 3 minutes”.  I turn down the street and see Emily, Nora, Nowell waiting with a hesitant look on their faces.  I tell them to get in, and we just drive.  We drive down streets we rarely travel, just listening to music.

Some of my favorite music - James Taylor’s Sweet Baby James.

They tell me to stop singing. It hurts their ears (eye roll).

They convince me to stop to get ice cream. I get my usual, peanut butter marshmallow.

When we approach the wooded area near our home, Nowell is convinced he saw a deer before I did (he didn’t).

It's about the simple things.

Then it hits me.

Whether or not we spend a ton of time together, or they are taking my advice, or laughing at the dad jokes, they know the simple things that define me.  Just as I know those about my dad.  The unique and little things that make me THEIR dad.

I am doing ok.  More than ok.

This father’s day if you still are blessed to have your father in your life, or if you, yourself, are blessed to be a great dad, I hope you’ll stop and think of the simple things.  You’ll be surprised how many there are.

It’s simple.

A few things to help shop for dad this year. 

Simple Father's Day Gift Ideas


Gentleman's Nod - Men's Grooming Products

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*Never tested on animals, just us and our homies.

Flag & Anthem Shirts

The perfect Father's Day gift for dad, Flag & Anthem shirts.

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