Featured Simple Man: Jeff H.

June 13, 2022

Featured Simple Man: Jeff H.

Featured Simple Man: Jeff H.

It’s been a while, but I’d love for you to meet our next featured Simple Man, Jeff H. And since it is Father’s Day month, we picked one of the best. Jeff is married and has five boys, ages 8-15. By day he is a financial advisor; on his time off (c’mon he has 5 boys – no time off, right) he likes to read, listen to records (vinyl all the way), and is into comics, gaming and Legos. He grew up in the suburbs of Chicago.

He has been a Simple Man friend since the Benson days – our previous location. He was looking for a place to buy Field Notes, came in with his wife and gaggle of kids and what I distinctly remember was his role as a dad.  What I mean is, he was mindful of asking the boys to use their manners, and be respectful. You could just tell he was a loving, caring dad from the get-go.

I’ve noticed that Jeff visits the shop about every six weeks. Most of that time, he is coming in to find gifts for others. Sometimes this involves his boys. He may point out pencils for the artist, or the latest puzzle for another. But what I admire most about him is what I witness him teaching his kids. He makes it clear that sometimes in life, we need things, but as important, we also need to find things that we enjoy. It is this perspective of “find things that speak to you” and if you have the means, allow yourself to get that. If you don’t have the means yet to make that purchase, let’s make a plan to save for it. He is teaching them the balance of needs and wants and how to achieve both responsibly.

When Jeff needed to decorate his home office, he came to us, and you’ll see his “this speaks to me” finds below.

Let’s get to know Jeff:

Favorite thing you own and why?

Either my record player or my Lego bookshop set. I am also partial to my late stepfather’s leather motorcycle jacket.

Favorite tailgating or ball-game watching food & beverage?

I am not much of a sports ball guy but am more of a movie guy where I need a big bowl of popcorn with butter and a can of hard cider.

The best thing about being a dad is…..?

Some people would say some nonsense about watching them grow into themselves…but I like when you can pick them up and toss them into a pool or something soft. It makes me feel huge.

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

I’d like to have my own bookstore. And I also would like to coach young people aging out of foster care on finance and other life skills.

What are you currently listening to (music, podcasts, etc)?

I am a vinyl junkie and constant radio streamer like Go 93X - Chicago’s finest rock. I really like new Sharon Van Etten, Calexico, Destroy and Florence + The Machine records. I got a sweet rerelease of a Tribe Called Quest’s Low end Theory album I’ve been listening to as well.

What project do you currently have going (home, personal)?

Building a little free library.

What is your dream vacation destination?

I’d love to see New York City or Paris. I’d love to go back to Key West and I never get tired of Chicago.

What The Simple Man find can’t you live without?

My map of the United States corkboard. Best conversation piece.

Tell us one thing about you that few may know (that is ‘safe’ for public knowledge)

Despite a deep love of music, I’ve never done karaoke. 


Edit: Today, as I wrote this, Jeff walked in and hands me a gift. It was a sticker he found that reminded him of me. See, this is exactly what I’m talking about. I dig this guy so much.

When you think of a kind, thoughtful, and amazing dad…it's Jeff. 

Happy Father’s Day!

It’s Simple.

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