September 24, 2021



This week officially marks the start of autumn. 

  • Campfires
  • Dressing in a flannel in the morning and ditching it by afternoon.
  • Some may not know, but I make a helluva good pumpkin bread. I’m not kidding…damn good if I do say so myself. 
  • Friday night lights football games (Go Wildcats).
  • And frantically setting up my fantasy football lineup. 

In our house, fall also marks the insanity of the kids’ school, social and sports schedules. I feel like sometimes from sun-up to sun-down, it is an ever changing logistical schedule that some international corporations would be impressed with. And we only have two teens. Crazy.

We are getting in the groove taking one kid to lacrosse, the other to football. Then pick up the lacrosse girl and take her to her football. Then head to get the boy.

A few years ago, before I opened the shop, I volunteered as coach for soccer –both kids, multiple nights. Of course, when you shift to being a small business owner, some changes have to occur and I haven’t been able to offer my time as much. I miss it.

But as I sit in my car, often watching from the parking lot, I can’t help but appreciate the time these coaches (often volunteer) put into my kids.  And I know it is far more time than just the few hours for practice and two-hour games. The off hours of planning and strategizing are as important. 

We have a policy in our family that after all practices and games, the kids must go thank every coach that is there that day. A fist bump or high five with a verbal “thank you”. I appreciate that these people are teaching my kids far more than routes and fundamentals.

Take time to thank those that spend time with your kids. It takes a village and it is hard. Show that gratitude for taking over on your off hours.

I also want to thank you all – The Simple Man customers. At times, if you come to the shop and I’ve closed a bit early, you can bet it is because there is a game starting across town. 

Thank you for understanding as I juggle this work-life-family balance. 

So….take time to enjoy the cool autumn nights and crazy fall schedules – cause we know they will be missed sooner than we like.

It’s simple.