I like junk.

February 06, 2020

I like junk.

If you’ve ever been in the store (or glanced at the images on our website) you may have noticed that beyond the clothing, personal care, accessories and lifestyle goods we offer, there are a considerable amount of other items throughout the store.

When we describe our place to newcomers we say “Think English den, meets old -world pub with a little rustic hardware store mixed in,” and that has so much to do with the other unique pieces in the space.

Some may call it the furnishings; others maybe describe it as décor, but I prefer to define it as the cool sh*t we find and sometimes that is quite simply….JUNK.

We add these things not just to design an inviting atmosphere, but also with the hope that some of these extras might complete your man space, be it a bachelor pad or man cave, etc. Many do not know that these are also “for sale”.

When people realize this, they often ask how we find these items. Well, that’s my favorite part. Don’t get me wrong, I love selecting things like the spring shorts collection, new magnets or socks with pineapples on them, but this is so different.

So here are ways we find those treasures.  

We’ve hired Pickers in the local area – people who, like the tv shows, look through people’s barns and attics for antiques or junk. This is how we’ve found items like a Navy flag, the World War II desk and the typewriter featured at Inkwell.


I love going to auctions and estate sales and I’m known to be deep in Facebook marketplace late at night searching for items. Through these methods, I found an old Pepsi cooler we use at pop-up events, classic books and lanterns.

We have even had family and friends keep an eye out. Emily’s mom has become the master of finding old shave brushes and razors and our good friend Megan found a real Radio Flyer wagon for our holiday display.

Two of the greatest finds in the store may have been missed if you haven’t ventured to the basement. 



The large sign on the wall is from the Frontier Hotel in Kansas City. It came to me through a customer of the shop. He lives in the neighborhood and was parting with it and asked me if I’d like to buy it.

The coffee table was made by a young man from Winterset, IA. He’s a junker himself and creates unique pieces of furniture from his finds. I’ve bought and sold several of his pieces over the last couple of years.

So next time you visit us, look beyond the t-shirts and barware that you normally see. The flavored toothpicks might be sitting on a cigar box from the 60s.

Have you noticed the deer antlers? Check out the shoe shine kit and the red parking meter.  

The Pabst beer cans from 1939 are cool too – let me know when you find those. 

We pride ourselves on providing “the unique items a distinguished man seeks”.  This goes beyond the trends of the season. It may be something you connect with to fill your space, or just because you also think it’s just cool sh*t. 

If you want it, you should have it.

It’s simple.

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