April 14, 2020


If you have known me for any length of time, you know I’m a believer in the power of positive thinking. Yes, I am a spiritual being, and I also believe without a shadow of a doubt that Karma exists. What you put into the world, you receive back. During times like this, when anxiety, fear of the unknown and uncertainty allow negative thoughts to creep in your mind, I actually tell others, and say out loud to myself “stop with the negative words – only positive, only positive energy here!”

Listen, I, like many of you, feel so ungrounded. This whole thing is crazy and scary. Scary for our loved ones who are vulnerable, scary for our friends who have lost jobs, scary for us fellow small business owners that don’t know what to do or how to prepare.  

Do we stay open? Do we close? Do we believe the holiday season will still exist or do we reduce orders now? Is this short-term or long-term? Will we survive this? Really…Flippin’ … Scary.

I can’t control much right now.  Sometimes the less-than-ideal self-talk resides in my head longer than I like. But there are things I can control.  Things I can do to swing Karma in the right way.

Our family prepared a tighter budget, yet we planned that every Tuesday, our family participates in Take-Out Tuesday.  We WILL continue to support our local restaurants and bars.

When we order this take out, or support another small business, we check-in, post a shout-out to social media and at times, write a review. We WILL put positive vibes of our communities out on social when we can.

We have worked with local organizations, like Harry A. Koch, to participate in their “Support the Helpers” initiative. The Simple Man items will be used in some of the care packages given to local healthcare professionals, first responders, and essential workers. We WILL thank those for their contributions.

We WILL bring forth the positive energy.

I have said that when this is done, we are going to really know who people are. Like Mr. Rogers said, “look for the helpers”. Many of us feel like we can’t do much right now, but we can. Be there for each other. Check on each other. Support each other in whatever way you can.  Even if it is simply a positive thought.

Keep putting the good, positive, kindness energy out in the world, friends. 

Good always wins!

It’s simple.

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Let’s make it simple.
Let’s make it simple.

December 18, 2020

There has been a lot on our shoulders and our mind. If you are like me, the word of December 2020 is: FATIGUED. 

It may not be the holiday you want, with a house filled with friends and family - parties, dancing, catered events. But that’s ok.  

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We’ve been training for this.
We’ve been training for this.

November 24, 2020

We’ve been training for this.

It’s go time.

You can sleep in January.

These are all things I’ve said to myself the past few days.  And many of you, in whatever profession you’re in, be it an accountant in the 1st quarter, a football coach in the fall, or lawn care guy all summer long, you know what I’m talking about.

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November 01, 2020


Tons of leaves in the yard I have to deal with. 

(I’m really not complaining….I am blessed to have a home with big trees).

Strike that. You know what?

Tons of leaves in the yard that the KIDS have to deal with (that’s what kids are for right?).

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