Let’s have some FUN!

April 28, 2021

Let’s have some FUN!

Let’s have some FUN!

When visiting TheSimpleManStore.com, did you ever notice the section called FUN? It’s the place on the website where we put the really unique (and likely naughty-word) gift items.

We call it FUN because, well that’s simple. But I also decided to name it this because the process for how we choose these items is pretty enjoyable too.

First, I check out numerous makers on Instagram. I jot down things and often share with customers to get their feedback. You know, text me if you like this or let me know your thoughts.

But the way I find most FUN (see where I’m going here?) is to request catalogs from makers and then in a face-to-face manner, I observe. Let me explain.

First, I bring the catalog home and have Emily go through it. She marks ones she thinks would align with our customers. In a sense, she does it from a ‘technical’ standpoint.

Then, I hand the catalog to some of the barbers at Dennison Dahlman. I sit back, and listen. When I hear a laugh or even an “oh my gawd!” I ask them to show me what prompted that reaction.

So through the course of this process, I have FUN (following along?) listening to laughter. What can be better?

Imagine what it is like when customers react?!

So to make this more FUN (get it now), this month we are going to do a website scavenger hunt. It allows you to look more closely at some of the naughty-word items, you’ll get a discount on your next purchase for playing along, and frankly, I’m curious to see if anyone reads these newsletters. 


  1. Visit TheSimpleManStore.com
  2. Look through the portal to find the answers to the 4 questions below.
  3. Email your answers to boyd@thesimplemanstore.com 
  4. Submissions will be emailed a promo code for 20% off your next purchase!
    • What is my wife’s superpower?
    • We have a grocery bag on the site.  What does it say on it?
    • Our #1 seller for years has been a mug that says “I’m a ray of ____ sunshine”.  What color is that mug?
    • Simply tell me which magnet is your favorite. 

         Thanks for playing along. This was FUN (ok I’m done)!

        It’s simple.

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