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August 25, 2021

Shop Vibes

Shop Vibes.

That’s the name of my Spotify playlist that you’ll likely hear when you stop in.

A mix of indie, folk, indie-rock, Americana brand of music seems to fit the atmosphere of The Simple Man store. Soulful voices, crazy talented musicians who actually play the instruments, and lyrics that make you stop in your tracks.

A few weeks ago I felt alive again. Emily and I had the opportunity to go to our first live show since…well, maybe 2019?

Noah Guthrie.

A guy I first heard years ago with a voice that immediately intrigued me. At that time, he mostly did covers but that was something to experience too. His ability to arrange a familiar song in a whole new way. I appreciate that talent so much. I just sell naughty socks.

We saw Noah at Barnato in West Omaha. A small, very intimate setting that made us feel safe, yet part of something again. And since he is still up-and-coming, we had the sincere pleasure of chatting with him after the show. We realized in a short time, we had more in common besides his art. Damn how I’ve missed live music.

I’ve noticed that in the last year, with changes in our activities, we have been listening to music a bit more. In the car. In the garage. On the way to football practice. On a cross-country road trip. The good news is the kids are starting to get it - checking out different artists - even some ancient ones like mom and dad listened to.

So here is my playlist. The short version of the Shop Vibes playlist.

Noah Guthrie -

Gregory Alan Isakov

Mandolin Orange -

Caamp -

Mt. Joy -

I would love your recommendations for new artists or bands to check out. Next time you stop in, let’s talk about what you are listening to.

I mean, we have to take a break from true crime podcasts sometime, right?  That shit makes you skeptical of everyone. 

It’s simple.

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