Top 5 Fall Cocktails - Fall 2022
September 30, 2022

Top 5 Fall Cocktails - Fall 2022

Fall is here.

And like most Septembers in Nebraska, this month is acting all crazy-like. Locals will nod and smile when I share that last Tuesday, at our son’s football game it was 103 degrees. The very next day, we wore sweatshirts and had blankets for the 64-degree football game.

A whopping 40 degree shift in 24 hours. Welcome to Nebraska – it isn’t for everyone.  #iykyk

What I find most amusing is this seasonal drink phenomenon. There is no such thing as a true sun solstice anymore, but instead, we shift seasons based off décor in Target and pumpkin spice lattes. That is our new indicator of seasonal change.

Don’t get me wrong, I dig pumpkin. In fact, I make a killer, made-from-scratch pumpkin bread. Maybe next month I’ll share that recipe…but I digress.

We are called The Simple Man. What better way for a modern guy to transition to flannels, jeans and boots than doing so with a drink in hand?

Here are my Top 5 Fall drinks as you sit around your firepit.

  1. Smoking Jacket - The Smoking Jacket mixes the sweetness of elderflower with a spicy, pungent, and smokey flavors of liqueurs to warm your insides.  Click HERE to learn how to make it.
  2. Moscow Mule – The recipe has stayed simple and true though all the years. Vodka, lime juice and ginger beer in a copper cup. Around here we like to experiment with different flavored vodkas, (blueberry is really nice) and also switch up the ginger beer. Check it out HERE.
  3. The Pimm’s Cup - The Pimm's Cup is a drink that dates back to 1823. We love this easy-drinking cocktail. It's so easy to drink in fact, imbibing too much is a real possibility with this flavorful drink (often leading to hangovers). Thus, we have a saying amongst our group of friends: "Pimming ain't easy". Find out how to learn for yourself - HERE.
  4. Old Fashioned - The Old Fashioned is a staple drink that most people are familiar with to some degree. There are many recipes and variations for this classic. Some get fancy, while others remain basic and truer to this historic cocktail. HERE we are featuring the recipe from Inkwell, our favorite Omaha cocktail lounge.
  5. The Sazerac -. It's probably my favorite cocktail. Chances are if you catch me sitting over at Inkwell, I have a Sazerac cocktail in my hand. This drink is simple and just so classic. In fact, some argue it's the oldest American cocktail with its origins dating back to 1800's New Orleans. Rye whiskey, Peychaud's bitters, sugar...all in a chilled glass with an Absinthe rinse. I prefer a twist of orange to the lemon. Try it and let us know what you think - HERE.

Well, that’s my top 5. There is not a pumpkin among them, but I bet if I asked, the guys at Inkwell could figure one out.

I love Fall. We all need to let go sometimes.

It’s simple.