What are you doing during quarantine?
May 19, 2020

What are you doing during quarantine?

What are you doing during quarantine?

I’ve realized a few things about myself in the last two months. 

First, teachers need to be paid $300,000 a month. Seriously, a month. 

Second, one of the biggest benefits and things I love about having a small shop is the conversations and connections I have with customers.  Obviously, during this time, I’ve also realized how much I miss that. Not only does chatting with you help me better understand the things you may seek or want from our store, but more so I learn so much about you -  your families, your interests, your jobs, even your pets.

Man, I miss those conversations.

What I’ve realized is when you come in, I may talk about the vast knowledge I have about products, but I’m not sure how much I share about my interests in return.

What a better time than now…I mean, I know you are home with no sports on tv.

So here is some of what I’m doing during the quarantine.  

What I’m Reading

The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay by Michael Chabon.

The thing I’ve learned about myself though is that I don’t read enough for pleasure. I read a lot at night, but most of it is regarding business or educational content. Fiction is few and far between. I need to change that.


What I’m Watching 

Em and I just finished Ozark. Yes I know it took a while but we purposely strung it out because we didn’t want it to end.  

Holy sh*t it’s good. 

The things that are so striking to me about it are all the different storylines happening, yet how all are woven together so seamlessly. How you can begin to emotionally invest in people that on paper, I would never think I’d associate with. The acting just gets better and better. 


What I’m Listening To

My favorite band right now is Caamp.

It popped up as a suggestion on Spotify and I loved their sound instantly. Two Columbus, Ohio guys who met at a summer camp in middle school and eventually created this cool American folk band. As many of you know, one of my best friends, Josh and I met in middle school and he is the creative designer behind the Simple Man brand, logo and packaging designs and even created the artwork for the Omaha Buffalo t-shirt. 

Middle school friends making some great things together – my kind of people!

Product I Recently Discovered  

Blackwing Slate Notebook. In this unprecedented time as I forge a path forward, I find the idea of putting things on paper is both therapeutic and more meaningful when I can write down an idea, make it a goal, and look at it from time to time. 

In this time of stress, many of us are starting to think and return to more simple things. The thing I’ve learned about myself is there is something pretty great about putting a pencil to paper right now.


What Project I Have Going

At Home, I am converting some of our sprinkler heads in the yard to a drip system.  We have a raised vegetable garden that never gets enough water and secondly, Em’s too short to water the hanging flower baskets, and I’m sick of hearing about it (she told me I could tell you that).

This project has made me realize it is finally time to replace our feature tree in the front landscaping bed. The previous one died so I’m thinking about a weeping white spruce – anyone have any opinions on that? 


So that’s it. That’s a little bit more about me. I hope to see you and chat soon.

I miss you guys.

It’s simple.