This little team went to market
March 02, 2022

This little team went to market

This little team went to market. 

Earlier this month, Em and I took a quick trip to Chicago to scope out new things for fall. I’ve mentioned before that finding the items for the shop is a  complex process that is a mix of exciting and very nerve-wracking. Many people have asked how this process works, so I wanted to give more details….paint you the picture, if you will. 

The Chicago Collective is one of my favorite market shows. Nearly 80% of the clothing items we have in the shop are from brands I visit at this show alone. It just fits our vibe, our brand.

It is a menswear show held on the 7th floor of the Merchandise Mart in downtown Chicago. A building that takes up two square city blocks. There are over 350 exhibitors (or brands) represented in an open-exhibitor format. You’ll find everything from formal attire, undergarments, headwear, shoes, ties, tie accessories, socks, etc. 

If you’ve ever been to any convention – imagine that – but here, wall to wall menswear. 

Prior to heading to the Market, we set up appointments to view the latest collections from our vendors. We pack in the appointments but also leave a bit of open time to explore new brands for us as well. During the appointments, my rep discusses the collection, we talk about what’s new and I choose ones that intrigue me…items I think you’d like.  It’s here where I get to see with my own hands, touch the fabrics, and inspect the little details that make these pieces unique.



Then we get to the details – sizes, amounts per size, colors, delivery dates.

This is done in a pretty manual way at this point. Here is my rep writing down the items we picked, sizes and specific details. We move to an online system after the show for final decisions and adjustments. After this final order is formally written up, the brand begins production of their newest collection. The industry has moved to a just-in-time system so you can now understand why these shows are so important.

Em’s job is to help me step outside my tendencies (black, grey, blue), watches the clock for the next appointment, and keeps me from chatting too long. (She made me add that last part).

So that’s in a very condensed version. We ordered the items for next fall and winter and I can’t wait to show you.

That means right now, spring items are arriving so…we’re ready to have our end of season sale. Stop in or check online for 30% off sale items.

In a nutshell, this is where I go to shop…so to speak. Fingers crossed you’ll like what I bought!

It’s simple.